Namaste Surfers

Originally: Nov 15, 2014

Paddle board yoga is one of the best non-traditional workouts.  Paddling is probably the easiest part. The harder part is staying balanced so you are not the one that falls into the water. Avoiding embarrassment is the real challenge.

My roommate and I registered for a class through onBoard SUP. I had heard of them through Classpass and was happily surprised they were included. If you register on the OnBoard Sup website each class is only $30 all inclusive. The two instructors were nice and helped us to get accustomed to standing on the boards. Although they said hardly anyone falls in, we did have someone in our group that had a quick dip in the water. 

From the description- "Paddleboard yoga" you pretty much know what you are getting yourself into. Step 1 paddle away from the dock. Step 2 pick a open spot with less boat traffic (this was easy in Sausalito) Step 3. drop the anchor. Step 4 Adho Mukha ŚvānāsanaArdha Matsyendrāsana and Dhanurāsana

If you are confused by Step 4 so I am. Every.Single.Time. I have done yoga for a few years, although far from an expert, I think at this point I should be able to tell the difference between the formal names. However, they all sound the same to me. I tend to agree with Fitbie on the more accurate names. I guess saying "ok now get into rotisserie chicken pose" would not be so "zen."

After we paddled out, enjoyed the view, and did some sun salutations, the other yogis and I had the opportunity to do some harder poses. Surprisingly, some poses are easier on a wobbly board then on land, while others are much more difficult than you would expect. After a few rounds and some great pictures we wrapped up the class. Like I said, pretty much what you would anticipate from the pictures.

OnBoard SUP does two unique adventure apart from the standard paddle board yoga. One is the  their Full Moon Paddle and the other is their Baja retreat. Both look like eligible future SATURDAY adventures.

Until next time. Stay tuned.